Why I take CBD

As a commercial pilot, over the years I have tried numerous ways to beat or at least reduce jet lag. In fact it’s a question commonly asked, “how do I beat jet lag?”

When I heard about CBD I was sceptical to be honest but the more I researched the benefits of the products not just with aiding sleep but various other uses I realised this product is no gimmick, in-fact CBD is a safe remedy for numerous conditions both with everyday health and fitness. I have tried a few different brands with varying result but in Eden Source I have found a brand whom have a quality range of products which I trust and have had very good results.

For travel and to aid sleep I would recommend Eden Source drops, 500mg or 1000mg, four to five drops under the tongue twenty minutes before you plan to sleep. I have had seven to eight hours sleep while using Eden Source drops, waking up with no side effects, feeling fresh and well rested.

For everyday well being I take Eden Source capsules to aid everyday wellness and Eden Source CBD balm to aid muscle recovery and soreness after training at the gym.

I would also recommend Eden Source massage oil. Having previously had skin cancer and still having some marks and blemishes from sun damage the massage oil works in reducing these marks.

I can highly recommend Eden Source products and from my experience CBD is a genuine product with numerous benefits from aiding sleep to reducing stress and increasing well being and everyday health.

Long haul pilot.

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