Can CBD help with sleep?

No doubt, poor sleep is a significant public health concern. Optimistic studies reported that around 50% or the UK suffer from poor sleep. Experts depict that quality sleep plays a vital role in maintaining optimal health throughout your life. However, it impacts almost every single aspect of your wellbeing from daily performance and weight to your mood and memory. If you are currently struggling to achieve good sleep, then it’s time that you have to take action!

Nowadays, CBD oil is becoming a go-to treatment for all sort of health conditions. Anecdotally, many individuals have used CBD oil as a sleep aid for some time, and even now, scientific studies are starting to validate their claims.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is said to be the most dominant and medicinally potent of the over 120 cannabinoids from the cannabidiol-rich hemp and marijuana plants. CBD is extracted primarily from strains that consist of only a negligible amount of the psychotropic tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) cannabinoid, and as outcomes, it will never produce any euphoric ‘high’ feeling, which typically associated with cannabis.

Can CBD help with sleepiness?

When it comes to sleep issues, a CBD may make all the difference. Yes, a full spectrum hemp extract promotes deeper sleep and even help restlessness, without next-day drowsiness. That’s the most prominent reasons why the potential CBD oil has for sleep is so exciting.

According to human studies, CBD has been shown to significantly enhance the quality of sleep with most subjects that reporting more than 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. In fact, Dream recall was also lowered believed to be as an outcome of uninterrupted sleep.

Well, CBD or Cannabidiol interacts with receptors, notably Gaba and serotonin receptors that are located in the ECS, which in indulged in the regulation of our circadian sleep-wake cycle – the body’s will internal biological clock responsible for the maintenance and promotion for sleep.

Another facet of CBD for sleep is its ability to improve sleep thanks to its anti-anxiety and anti-depressive effects – which assist in calming the mind and, in turn, reduce overthinking thereby assisting in promoting a faster onset of sleep.

Why Eden Source?

Try the best CBD for sleep from a reliable and tested source – Eden Source. Strange, but true – studies reported that around 50% of the adult population in the UK prone to sleeping disorders with high rates of dissatisfaction over the effectiveness and also the potential side effects of conventional pharmaceutical sleep aid medications. If you are also prone to any sleeping disorders, then why not try our CBD products to help? We even have commercial Pilots that take our product, because it is safe and works for them (see Trustpilot reviews).

What kind of CBD product should I take?

How and when you take your Cannabidiol will help you to know how quickly the effects will take place and how long they will last. These are the list of CBD for products that are available from our Eden Source Shop. All our products are certified and traceible to the plant for your quality reassurence.

Eden Source Gel Capsules:

Yes, these 30 capsules come in with 10mg and 25mg of CBD doses. This product of CBD for sleep is ideal for precise and discreet dosing.

Eden Source Gummy bears:

This is 30 organically grown, vegan-friendly gummy bears that are loaded with 10mg of CBD in each delicious treat. This is also said to be a perfect choice for precise dosing.

Eden Source Massage Oil:

Or why not use our CBD massage oil on yourself or get your partner to help and sooth your body and mind into a relaxed state (also adding essential time for intimacy and closeness). Our oil comes in several different scents and dosages for you to use.

How to take CBD oil for sleep:

CBD oil tinctures are oil-based and such product is designed for sublingual use only. And, even they are not suitable for vaping. No doubt, oral tinctures are very easy to administer. You just have to drop your preferred dosage under your tongue and allow it to sit for about 30 seconds before swallowing it. You have to repeat the same process 1-2 times per day, and be consistent with your regimen!

In fact, getting the right CBD dosage will need some trian, but according to experts, we recommend you start low and gradually work your way up.

Want to try CBD for sleep? Why not try out our wellness range of products to suit you and your lifestyle?

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