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Hello and welcome to Eden Source!

CBD from the best source - to help you and your family in your wellness journey.

I am a Nurse and Home Care Business Owner. These roles came about because I am very passionate about what I do. Eden Source has been developed, so that you can get to know our trusted brand of high-quality wellness products. I have seen in my Nursing career, and through my own family experience the difficulty people can have when illness strikes. Like many of you, I jump straight to the internet and reference books to help solve wellness and health problems in the best way possible.

Conventional medicine has done many great things for the majority of the population - but what about the rest of us, that “one size” fits all doesn’t quite apply? How do you know which brands/ products to trust?

I came across CBD when researching the benefits of wellness products. These covered lots of different combinations of essential oils, and the ways that they can be used together to enhance wellness.

I became fascinated by the results and have since become absorbed in researching the benefits of using CBD products. What can it be used for? What are the results? I am astonished at what people are saying. I am also very passionate about passing on the benefits of CBD in a wellness capacity, so that others may share in the wonderful benefits that the public have reported that CBD can bring.

As such it became my mission to find a reputable source of CBD that you can purchase on line and have delivered to your door! Having found a reputable source, with the legal certification, it is with great pride and pleasure that I present: Eden Source

I hope you enjoy our products, and please make use of our resource section!

Take care,

Samantha Jayne

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