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What is CBD oil?

CBD oil comes from the hemp plant, it is an extract containing the 100% organic all-natural compound, CBD. Hemp is a variety of the cannabis sativa plant species, that does not contain THC. THC is the intoxicating compound in cannabis, so this means that hemp and CBD products can be legally sold and consumed. If you were still wondering “Is CBD oil legal?” the answer is yes, so long as there is no THC present.

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Oral CBD Drops - 2.5% £19.99

A convenient way to take your CBD sublingually. Available currently in 2 flavours: Natural and Peppermint.

Eye Cream £24.99

A fresh, hydrating, skin brightening eye cream using powerful Hemp antioxidants to combat the ageing process and is all-natural to give that youthful glow.

Gummies £24.99

A CBD tasty treat to make your experience more enjoyable.

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Benefits of CBD

These are benefits that have been reported by the general public.

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CBD can alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety

CBD does this by reducing the heart rate, which can aid in sleep and everyday anxiety as well as conditions such as PTSD.

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Has been known to help with neurological conditions

People have reported that it has helped with symptoms associated with MS and Dementia.

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CBD is non-toxic and currently has no known side effects

You should still contact your Doctor before you take any wellness products and take their advice.

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CBD can reduce inflammation and pain

CBD is reported to be used to combat post work out fatigue and repair after injuries.

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Can be taken in various forms and doses


Doses also vary, but it is important to remember that a higher dose does not necessarily mean better. Everyone is different and should find the best dose to suit them.

Thoughts & advice

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What Makes Us Different?

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Medical Expertise

Owned by a Nurse, with knowledge and experience in promoting personal wellness.

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Pharmaceutical Testing

Our products are formulated and tested by a fully qualified Pharmaceutical expert team.

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Complete Transparency

Complete transparency of where our products come from, with full certification that can be traced back to each individual plant.

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